New Here?

At some point in our lives, every single person looks for meaning and for a deeper spiritual connection as we discover that the world just doesn’t fill the deep yearning of our souls. A lot of people look to fill that void with money, power, position, material possessions or intimate relations.

At Fox, we have discovered that there is only one who can fill that void – and that is Jesus!

No matter who you are or what you have done, at Fox you will find friendship, love and respect, and most importantly, a home of like-minded people that have found peace and grace in the arms of our Saviour – Jesus Christ.

The great thing about Fox is that you come as you are! You don’t have to worry about anything else.

We know that at times many people have struggled with ‘fitting’ in and we also know that in some cases, some churches have not always been as welcoming as they should have been!
Even some of our current members have had such past experiences, so we do understand what that feels like! All we can do is move forward in the spirit of reconciliation and friendship.

At Fox we encourage every visitor and member to come along and all that we ask is that you open your heart to the healing message of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father – God!

Remember, Jesus’ message and invitation isopen to all people that would hear Him! And we like to emphasise the “ALL” – no one is excluded!

Come in your suit or come in your shorts or your beach dress, just come, and join in a very relaxed environment of praise and worship with fellow members of our community!