Fox & Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a massive disruption to all our lives. At Fox, we are focused on keeping our Fox family safe. We need to make sure that you are aware of the strategy we have in place regarding Fox and COVID-19. 

We are closely monitoring what the advice from the Government and the greater Sydney Conference office is. Delphine Derrick is leading up our COVID safe team, so if you come to church please follow their instructions. The NSW government strongly recommends that if you attending a church to wear a mask. We will have masks at the door if you wish to wear one.

  • Seating arrangements temporarily changed to keep social distancing in place.
  • NSW is still at 4 square meters per person, so chairs are to set out 4sqm apart.
  • Have a strategy in place for if a person/visitor arrives who is beyond the restriction numbers.
  • Someone needs to be on standby who is willing to make space for a visitor and can view church online.
  • Entry through one door and exit through another to minimise people coming in close contact in doorways.
  • Greeting can not include physical contact.
  • Implement steps to sanitise the entire building in addition to restrooms (Instructions can be found at
  • Pews, rostrum furniture, electronic equipment, microphones, and AV aids need to be disinfected.
  • Fox owned instruments need cleaning after being uses.
  • Seminar rooms are to be closed so that social interactions are minimised.
  • Display signs inside the restrooms about the correct procedure for washing hands and ensure that adequate cleaning supplies are provided.
  • Prop the doors open during services.
  • Hand sanitisers throughout the building.
  • A record must be kept (including name and contact) of those entering the building.
  • Clean handheld mics as they are used by multiple people.
  • Encourage the use of the COVID-19 government app and for people to have their Bluetooth on so that the app works correctly.
  • Make sure that total numbers in the building at any time are in compliance with NSW regulations (50).
  • During the break time, have volunteers clean areas used in the building.
  • Kitchen is closed, no lunches