Cambodia Mission Trip 2018

Have you recently been challenged to serve in a capacity where an entire village of people are given the opportunity to have clean running water, safe buildings to educate and basic hygiene skills that can decrease disease and mortality rates? More importantly, have you been inspired to share Jesus by serving in communities who often feel despair given their circumstances?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we would love to have you join a team from the Fox community who are planning to visit Cambodia in September/October 2018. 

Below you’ll find some basic information regarding dates, projects and cost. For any further details, please email Hayley Pulilesi at or contact her on 0432 899 726

D A T E S – Arrive in Phnom Penh Saturday 29th Sept – Leave from Siem Reap Friday 12th Oct

P U R P O S E – Build 2 school classrooms – Teach hygiene and English classes – Possibly landscape around new pre-school and build a new home for a family (depending on how many on our team)

P E R S O N A L  C O S T – Everyone needs to purchase their own flights and travel insurance (Air Asia seems is usually cheapest for flights). Once booked please send the details through to Hayley. If you need help purchasing flights Adelle Bottrell will be our friendly helper finding all the great deals. You will need USD950 CASH paid on arrival to Tanya our Restore One contact for all on-ground expenses including all meals, accommodation and transport. Lastly USD30 CASH for a visa- which you get on arrival to Phnom Penh. Also bring extra spending money if your planning to do some shopping.

F U N D R A I S I N G – EVERYONE needs to fundraise AUD1200 each which is donated to Restore One. This covers all costs for our project (and is tax deductible). When we have a team meeting we can discuss how we will go about this (i.e. if its a team effort and we work towards a total goal or keep it separate).

T O  D O – Check out the Restore One website and have a read of all the awesome things this organisation does.

– Check out our fundraising platform and brainstorm ideas of how we can start raising funds. Donors will get immediate tax receipts from here.

– WATCH this video to help prepare

– Sign and email the volunteer form to me

– Make sure you get/have a working with children check that is less than 2 years old.

– Email flight schedule, passport photocopy and travel insurance to