About Us

Fox Valley Church is a diverse and inclusive community of people who base our beliefs on the Bible and passionately follow Jesus. We welcome everyone from all walks of life, and long to share the truth that every person is valued beyond measure and unconditionally loved by God.

 Fox is a church that exists for our community. We strive to serve not only those who come and worship with us every Saturday, but those in our local neighbourhood and the broader community.

 We serve a God who doesn’t demand perfection but accepts us as we are – flawed, doubting, searching, hopeful, longing. Perhaps you’ve never been to church, or have been hurt by previous experiences of church. Maybe you feel the life you’ve lived makes you irredeemable. As Adventists, we believe in the transforming love of Jesus and the power of prayer to change lives. We believe God is a God of grace and mercy, and that your life – despite its challenges – can be lived with hope and peace, knowing that through Jesus you are saved.

 At Fox, we believe God cares about every aspect of our lives – including physical, spiritual, social, sexual, emotional and financial. We try to follow Jesus’ example by reaching out to others through our many Connect Groups. Most days of the week you’ll find a variety of groups meeting in our superbly equipped community centre. There are fitness groups, art classes, walking groups, prayer groups, bible-study groups, all-weather indoor soccer, basketball and volleyball. There’s a lot of fun, laughter and music, life-long friendships, social events and great food.

 Life is better lived within community and with Jesus by our side. Fox Valley Church is a family of people just like you, and there is a place right here for you. We welcome you to join us on the journey towards being the people God created us to be, living the life He intended us to live. Authentic. Empowered. Hope-filled. Accepted. Loved.